Ever higher quality
Ever higher sensitivity
Ever more original
Ever more sophisticated
Our evolution never ceases

Tomizo Oe (Chairman. Yonetomi Seni Co., Ltd.)


Striving towards the future, while never forgetting our past

As a knitwear manufacturer, as a business that must respond flexibly to the fluctuations of the times and our changing society, and as a fashion leader that generates materials and the knit designs that allow them to shine, we stand by our tradition of leading the industry and refusing to be bound by convention, but we also remain determined not to grow complacent with our history and past achievements as we continue to seek new forms of expression. Yonetomi founder Ryoichi Oe once said, “What is knitwear? This is what we should be asking ourselves.” We continue to ask ourselves this question, along with the innumerable other questions that present themselves to us on the production floor.