Our unique approach to textile creation is what defines COOHEM, and the Yonetomi brand

COOHEM was launched as Yonetomi Seni’s first in-house brand. By integrating sophisticated analytical programming with the creative process of matching and combining colors and materials, and by complementing the experience and skills of veteran artisans with the fresh vision of younger staff, COOHEM has realized a new style of knit textile creation. We care about how our clothes look and feel, and engage in a constant pursuit of greater quality and innovation with fabrics that are ever more distinctive and appealing. Our entire production process is conducted on-site at our factory location, and we provide consumers around the world with a highly original lineup of standard items and the best in design sense and textile creativity that Japan has to offer.



During its half-century of existence, from its founding in 1952 until the present day, the knitwear manufacturer Yonetomi Seni Co., Ltd. has dedicated itself to the creation of beautiful sweaters. We have knit classic and quintessential sweaters, summer sweaters which are innovative and unconventional, and sweaters that upend the very concept of the sweater. Our determination to remain at the forefront of our industry is something which has defined our identity, and we continue to explore new possibilities in knit fabric creation, pouring all of our technology, ingenuity, and knowledge into our sweaters – and it is the sum of all these efforts which has led us to the present day. For Yonetomi Seni, “What is a sweater?” is a familiar query which has accompanied us throughout our history, and at the same time a question which we continually ponder anew. We have now taken it upon ourselves to focus our attention squarely upon this inquiry and see what answers await us as we delve into as-yet unexplored areas, presenting each of the answers we discover in our “This is a Sweater” series. We will continue to weave a story that begins with a single strand of yarn and culminates in beauty which is lasting, value which refuses to age, and a familiar feeling of comfort which will never cease to envelop us.


Weaving originality out of the ordinary

Where is it that real character resides? Whether in a person, an object, or a piece of clothing, character is not enhanced by being conspicuous, but actually shines brightest in the most ordinary of places. The Yonetomi New Basic line features items with a basic look that comes from their classic knit structures, but our tasteful combinations of materials imbue them with an understated beauty that is quite unique. They manage to be stylish without trying too hard, making them the perfect option for daily wear. We have woven the everyday and ordinary into clothes of fresh and original character, employing creativity to provide the ultimate in cost performance. After all, why make a big production out of things when you just don’t have to?