Our unique approach to textile creation is what defines COOHEM, and the Yonetomi brand

COOHEM was launched as Yonetomi Seni’s first in-house brand. By integrating sophisticated analytical programming with the creative process of matching and combining colors and materials, and by complementing the experience and skills of veteran artisans with the fresh vision of younger staff, COOHEM has realized a new style of knit textile creation. We care about how our clothes look and feel, and engage in a constant pursuit of greater quality and innovation with fabrics that are ever more distinctive and appealing. Our entire production process is conducted on-site at our factory location, and we provide consumers around the world with a highly original lineup of standard items and the best in design sense and textile creativity that Japan has to offer.

I aim for knitwear that attracts you from first glance,and which you fall in love with when you slip it on.

I went to London to study design. I was fascinated by knitwear, by the idea of being able to make clothing from a single thread of yarn. And from London, I moved on to Yamagata. The things that Yonetomi is able to do with a single thread of yarn is amazing, and here we really go the extra mile with our textiles and products. I really admire the depth of the work that is done here, and I want to translate this admiration into the products that we offer our customers.

Yuko Kamiyama (4 years at Yonetomi / Product Development / Designer)