We offer imaginative and creative solutions in tune with the times, and in tune with our customer needs

As an OEM, we offer the designers we work with new ideas to facilitate their creative work, and as an ODM, we are involved with products from the planning stage, helping to provide high quality and sophisticated knit products for the domestic and overseas market. Our multitalented work force, made up of seasoned workers with a wealth of experience, does not only apply its skills to yarns and knit textiles, but also offers original ideas in areas including product planning. Our stance as an OEM and ODM is permeated with the same spirit that supports Yonetomi’s business vision.

Quality Control

If we see a problem, we deal with it. When it comes to making improvements,there’s no time like the present.

From basic knitting needle maintenance to needle inspection and the management of any other problems that emerge, our 65 years of experience enable us to offer quality management at the highest level. We maintain a system that allows us to respond quickly to the ever-changing trends in production, and by meeting the individual quality assurance needs of our customers, we have earned the trust of Japan’s major apparel brands and manufacturers.


Made in Japan, made in Yamagata, made by Yonetomi

Yamagata’s local knit industry has a long history, and traditional techniques that helped the prefecture compete favorably against other production areas continue to play a role in spinning, dyeing and mending. For over 40 years, Yonetomi’s knit textile development technologies have allowed us to achieve a level of quality seldom seen around the world, and we use these technologies to carry out our entire production process, from material and product development to manufacture, on-site at our factory location. Today, a production site has become the site from which a company conveys information about itself. In the future, more than ever, we hope to convey our production capabilities, original ideas and unique worldview in every direction that we can.