Knit Textile Development

Our development of knit textiles never stops, never ends

At Yonetomi, we have assembled knitting machines specifically for the development of knit textiles in every gauge that we produce. We use these to develop textiles that meet our rigorous standards, enabling us to offer new textile options which can then be produced to order. In 2010, we launched our COOHEM factory brand, which allows us to develop finished products in addition to the textiles from which they are made. With techniques that only we possess, we will continue to show the world all that we have to offer.

We develop different knits for different times,and we never run out of our own ideas.

Yonetomi was the first company to get a computerized knitting machine, and that’s when our development of knit fabrics began. Sometimes it can take a week to get the programming right. There’s a big loop knit we’ve had for twenty years that’s still selling well. We try new things everyday, experimenting with designs and colors and the feel of the fabric. You can never tell how a material will work in a knit fabric until you actually try it out and see.

Tsuneo Suzuki (44 years at Yonetomi / Product Development / Director of Development)