We cherish our yarns, which make everything possible

Yonetomi does not have the facilities to produce its own yarns, and the spinning factories we use do not have the capacity to independently engage in the development of yarns. While the slimming down of the industrial production system has left us with fewer ready-made variations, we have turned to the joint development of customized yarns. There is no limit to the ideas and proposals we can come up with, on everything from material and form to blend ratio, dyeing and processing, and we boldly experiment with an endless variety of approaches. By traveling to production areas in Japan, as well as those in countries such as Italy and China, we ensure that the materials we select adhere to our standards of quality.

Low Gauge Knits

Low gauge knits for spring/summer as well as fall/winter

Yonetomi possesses one of Japan’s most comprehensive lineups of machinery and equipment specifically designed for low gauge knits, which enables us to offer low gauge knit items for spring/summer as well as fall/winter, with many customer favorites among our products. In addition, we use the kōhen technique of knitting together a variety of different materials to create unique woven textiles in the form of knit tweeds. In the past, Yonetomi founder Ryoichi Oe spent two years working to produce a summer sweater that would overturn the conventional wisdom that knits are not worn in the warmer months. He openly exhibited the sweater production technique throughout the local production area, with his efforts eventually culminating in a Yamagata-wide exhibition, and it is episodes like this that demonstrate Yonetomi’s role as a leading company in the area.